The Elements

Just like in baking a cake, the ingredients that go into a beautiful design make it sustainable and improve as time rolls on. At Egle Landscaping, we choose elements carefully to fit with your environment and needs. It is this care that brings out the beauty that improves like a fine wine or cheese.

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  • Rooms and Patios

    Not just for interiors anymore, you can have rooms in your yard as well. Patios do a wonderful job of defining them. They can include firepits, grilling stations, seating and more.

  • Plants

    Plants, because of their living nature, grow and enhance your landscape as time moves on. They also add different interest depending on the season - flowers, fall foiliage, even winter colors and textures. Also, not all plants are grown equally. That's why we use McKay Nursery shrubs, trees, and perenniels whenever possible. Their quality is second-to-none in Wisconsin.

  • Walkways and Paths

    These connecting elements transport you from one place to another. They also can define visual boundaries between other elements. They can be simple as well placed stones, or they can be magnificent complete with archways and gates.

  • Borders and Screening

    Borders help define space. This helps us appreciate the space we have and a sense of order. On the simple side, edging (a border in the ground) can keep planting beds and lawn separated. When we include screening (vertical visual borders), it gives the viewer a sense of enveloped peace.

  • Walls and Terraces

    The Earth is not flat. Chances are your property isn't either. We have many ways of enhancing the contours of your property to beautify your surroundings while protecting your buildings from stormwater, erosion, and other water-related issues.

  • Water

    It's such a soothing and necessary element for life. The sound of running water not only soothes, but it can lessen the impact of surrounding noise coming from the neighborhood or traffic. Ponds, brooks, fountains, and water cascades are all possible.

  • Driveways

    Not only does your driveway bring people to your home and business, it accentuates your home or business. Placement is as important as looks so that it supports your lifestyle and needs.

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